7am to 12 noon

Toast and Condiments $9

French butter & homemade jam

Sourdough · Fruit Toast · Croissant · Corn Vienna · Rye · Bagel · Ciabatta · Multigrain · Wholemeal · Garlic Focaccia · Gluten Free

Eggs on Toast $11

House made sourdough with your choice of eggs

Acai Panna Cotta $21

Acai panna cotta w/ honey cinnamon yoghurt, granola, shaved coconut, orange puree & baby leaves

Bircher Muesli $18

Soaked muesli w/ grated apple, fresh coconut, seasonal fruit, berry compote, granola & fresh juice

Pancakes $19

Buttermilk pancake w/ apple compote, granola, whipped maple syrup butter & cardamom ice cream

Balsamic Mushroom $22

Baked field mushrooms w/ local goats cheese, roasted tomato, house made sourdough, rocket, red elk & boiled eggs

Pesto and Feta Scrambled Eggs $21

Scrambled eggs w/ roast pumpkin, pesto, feta and chorizo on house made sourdough

Bacon and Eggs $18

Double smoked bacon w/ your choice of eggs, oven roasted tomato on thick sliced toast

Sausage Ragout $24

Italian sausage served w/ savoury sourdough pudding, roasted tomato, Italian beans & tomato sauce topped w/ kale, beetroot leaves & feta

Eggs Benedict $22

Ham, salmon, bacon or spinach on a toasted bagel w/ mushroom, onion & homemade hollandaise

Avocado and Eggs $22

Avocado, poached eggs, pea falafel, feta, roasted baby beetroot w/sourdough, lemon & chilli oil

Zucchini and Eggs $21

Shaved zucchini salad, asparagus & poached eggs w/ blackcurrant, Greek feta, mint green olive tapenade, lemon & olive oil

Extras $4.50 each

. Avocado
. Baked beans
. Hash brown
. Feta
. Bacon
. Sausage
. Spinach
. Mushroom
. Hollandaise
. Tomato
. Chorizo
. Eggs


Pancake with Maple Syrup $9

Bacon on Toast $7.50

Egg on Toast $7.50

Poached, scrambled or fried

Bacon and Egg on Toast $9

Poached, scrambled or fried


Kids Milkshakes $5

Chocolate • Strawberry • Vanilla • Caramel • Banana

Kids Freshly Squeezed Juices $5

Apple • Pineapple • Orange • Watermelon

Baby Cino $2